29 June 2011

This time last year ...

I was sewing, sewing, sewing.  I have a love-hate relationship with sewing. Imagine pulling endless all nighters, stress to meet deadlines, things never working as planned, sewing machine deciding it hates me last minute (It happens every time!). But these days I find myself missing the creative challenges that come hand in hand with looming deadlines, and the reward of creating something that I’m truly proud of. I made this matric dance (that’s South African for prom) dress last year for a young lady that had exquisite taste, note that it’s 100% ombre silk satin (loooove!!). Looking back at many a sleepless night it makes me realise that this is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time. I’d compare it to having a baby (not that I’ve ever had a baby), but you kind of forget about all the pain that went into it when you see the final result. Yes I just said that, sewing is like having a baby!! I’m going to stop now! Hope you’re all having a great week xoxo

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