8 June 2011

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima city was pure bustle this past weekend with the baseball game and Toukasan festival drawing people in from all over the prefecture.  City buzz is always fun, but it meant too few street fashion pictures for me.  Crowds of red and white clad supporters and pretty girls (and boys) wearing their traditional yukatas hid most of the the trendy and the crazy. We did however enjoy a copious amount of food (again!), drinks and a spontaneous late night karaoke session. We started with Okonomiyake (Hiroshima’s famous dish) and moved on to Molly’s med for shwarmas and falafels long after margaritas in the park. We also managed to escape to Chanoma, a restaurant layed completely with mattresses! It has a fabulously relaxed atmosphere, great loungy music and cute cocktails to boot. Does it sound strange that places like this make me really glad I’m staying in Japan for another year? On Sunday we enjoyed a light snack at Zucchini and a bit of browsing at Zara, before getting on the reality train that very abruptly sent me back into a new work week…

Thanks to Marty for the first pic, and Emily (check out her blog here) for the second and third xox

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