29 September 2011

Fashion's got a low self esteem

It’s been pushed to the back seat for over a year now, but every now and then it pops its head through to the front to remind me it is still there, and it needs attention. I joined the art club at one of the high school’s I teach at, in hopes of giving it a confidence booster! It seems none of these paintings or drawings would exist if I hadn’t joined. I’ve realised how important deadlines were to my production of something resembling a fashion portfolio. I’m not studying anymore, so really the only motivator I have is myself, or a kick up the cahoonay (I just pictured myself at fashion bootcamp and it wasn’t pretty). 

15 September 2011

When it was all brand new

A recent springclean led me to this little list of gems: some notes I scribbled down just over a year ago during my first weekend in Tokyo:

Taxi doors open themselves
Doormen always bow
Marty buys a R42 icetea by mistake
Drinks with the Auzzies and the Irish
A three story McDonalds.
Lights make it feel like day
Charades in a department store
Walking until my feet are blistered
Feeling safe and free
Packed streets past midnight
Salarymen playing last touch
Japanese people screaming on the streets
Shibuya women – my smartest clothes don’t compare
Breakfasts worth R500
Octopus balls vendor
Laugh until I cry about the boys going on about a beautiful manhole cover
Finding coke in a vending machine and it tastes the same as home
City buildings as far as you can see
Flickering red lights from the hotel window

1 September 2011

What do Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and Blake Lively have in common?

No, this is not a bad joke, just a really great project that gives fashion a brownie point against its usual fickle self. Each of these celebrities, among others, have designed a T-shirt print for UNIQLO and its SaveJapan! T-shirt range:

“The SaveJapan website was established immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake to support the affected parts of the country by providing information on area-specific relief efforts. UNIQLO is working with Cond—ź Nast Japan – a supporter of the SaveJapan! website and the publisher of Vogue Japan and GQ Japan – to create T-shirts featuring messages of encouragement from artists around the world. UNIQLO plans to donate approximately 100 million yen through the sale of SaveJapan! T-shirts to the Japanese Red Cross Society, to back recovery efforts in northeastern Japan.”  

It was Lady Gaga’s design that called out to me from across the UNIQLO store – but with my limited Japanese Kanji all I can make out on the T-shirt is “love,” “Gaga” and “small monster.” For the record I also liked Victoria Beckham’s clean design (cringe) but they never had it in stores here.  If you decide to purchase one after reading this post/ or already have one, I’d love to feature a picture of you in your SaveJapan! T-shirt on the blog. Email pictures to trixieandflo@gmail.com and support in style people! To see the rest of the designs visit Vogue Japan xoxo.