14 June 2011

Fukuoka City

This post will have to be all about visual appreciation because I have no idea what the name of this place is, or even where it is! Not very informative I’m afraid, but the place was pretty, and it did offer great refuge on a very rainy Saturday afternoon. So I’ve narrowed it down to somewhere in Fukuoka city… I think I’m more likely to find my way if you spun me around inside the restaurant and pushed me out the door, than if I relied on my keen sense of direction. They invented GPS for people like me.

Anyways, Fukuoka city is fantastically fun. It boasts great fashion, fun night clubs, tasty international (Mexican!) and Japanese food. Note: always trust a Japanese queue! Even if it means a thirty minute wait. It may just lead you to the best ramen you’ve ever had. Also If you get the chance, head down to Abercrombie and Fitch, preferably just before a night out. There’s a queue to get in, the shop assistants models are gorgeous, the lights are dimmed and the music blares, you’ll think you’re at Fukuoka's best pre-party and may wonder what all those clothes are doing there. 

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