31 January 2012

High Tea at the Oyster Box Hotel

I think I’m nearly two years and about 20 blogs too late on this trend, but Durban’s Oyster Box Hotel High Tea was all I dreamed it would be and more. Possibly one of my best days out, it was one filled with laughter, gorging and more gorging. For just R150 (1500yen) we started off with our afternoon cuppa, and then helped ourselves to the wide selection of savouries and desserts. Make sure to call a few weeks ahead (especially during holiday season) to avoid disappointment xoxo.

28 January 2012

Trixie + Flo are in business!!

Although a seemingly small venture, this has been a dream in the making for ages and I am so so excited about it. Cheers to making a start! Hopefully this is just the beginning of great things to come. Check out the Trixie + Flo online store for a small range of hand knitted chunky winter warmers, and then let me know what you think! Thanks Emily for the pics! xoxo

16 January 2012

Myeongdong Dog Cafe

It was my Seoul mission! Find a dog café: A place to drink hot chocolate and get my pet fix. I’d actually given up on the idea after reading a couple vague blogger directions, which I’m now, ironically, adding to. As fate would have it, a shopping stint in Myeondong led me to this giant snoopy dog that hangs around the general area of the Forever 21 and Zara building. We took a flyer and then asked a couple kind strangers to point us in the right direction. We found it pretty easily on the fourth floor of a narrow building in a busy shopping street (elusive much?). I snapped a picture of what I hope is the café’s name written in korean – though it seems the last letter has been cut out. If you get a chance check out the basement of the same building for this restaurant that’s completely covered in post -it notes. Unfortunately we arrived two minutes before their 3pm – 4pm closing so I didn’t get to catch a glimpse of the inside. Sad face. 

13 January 2012

Killing two trends with one stone

I just hopped on the tassel bandwagon and edited in instagram (oh the shame;)

10 January 2012

Miyajima, red pants and a stalker

I’m baaaack, with a slight tan and a holiday hangover to boot. So this is mission blog catch up! Taking you allll the way back to November 26th 2011, when my inner Japanese conscience finally reprimanded me for not having checked out the autumn leaves. The internet told me that Miyajima was my closest, best option. Blue skies and grilled oysters were calling, so I threw on my red skinnies and headed for the island. The peak of autumn leaf viewing (yes, that’s an activity) meant that tourists and their cameras were out in droves. I cuffed an 80 year old couple snapping my pic and decided to strike up a conversation and make the most of their stalking. Ha! He and his wife ended up emailing me the pictures in five different file sizes with a cute Japanese message in each. Gotta love tech savvy oldies ;)

My top tips for Miyajima: 1) There are only a couple of things worth doing on the island but they’re all a real treat. You really could spend more than a day here. Head to Itsukushima shrine, the floating torii (unmissable), the five storey pagoda at the pavilion called Senjo-kaku and the cable way that takes you a fair distance up Mt. Misen (it’s still a 20min hike to the top after that). 2) Hang around at the island for the whole day so that you catch the torii during low and high tide. 3) Beware the deer: they eat anything from paper to the very clothes on your back. 4) Eat, eat, eat: deep fried momiji cakes all year round and seasonal oysters. Yes please!