30 November 2011

Evening Dreaming

You’ll find me here during all seasons. It’s my escape, a place to think, to people watch, to laze in the sunshine, to picnic at, to run through bubbles (yes there’s a bubble machine!) on a freezing winter night with blinking Christmas lights. It’s the Popolo Music Theatre, and as I’ve said on the blog before, my favourite spot in Mihara city. It’s known in the area for its architecture, grassy park (grass is rare) and cute cafĂ© called “Maru2tasu”.

28 November 2011

They don't make 'em like they used to

A gorgeous leather pullover I picked up on this particular trip to Kloof SPCA, Durban, South Africa. Each diamond is hand crocheted to the next. It’s done so brilliantly I wish I’d thought of the design myself! Also, some good ole Mr.Price shoes thrown in for kicks. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown in the store when I realised how much cheaper home is compared to Japan! Picked these floral babies up for the equivalent of 600yen!!

21 November 2011

Hiroshima Baby

A weekend in the city never fails to provide a sweet escape from work and the general blandness of regular routine.  This particular tale begins in the cutest little coffee shop where Marty and I unashamedly devoured half a loaf of bread soaked in syrup, then toasted and filled with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream and fresh fruit (I’m still at the gym trying to work that one off!). Next up, dress up and party the night away! The weekend escape concludes with Marty winning a rosy cheeked llama and then coffee and quiche at Starbucks where we contemplate life while watching people walk around on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Um, can I live like this every day please?

18 November 2011

Daiwa, Old people and Real Meat

Daiwa is such a beautiful area in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.  One of Marty’s high schools was taking part in a festival that had the oldies out in droves. I loooove old people in Japan: A) They play croquet B) They’re so cheeky, and they’re not shy of physical contact: yes I got me some granny hugs woohoo! Highlight of my year: witnessing a crowd of oldies (all over 80) watching a Japanese rock band play Linkin park. A couple got up and left but the others all just sat there apathetically as if it were a classical music concert. It was a memorable and possible one of those “had to be there” moments. We also pathetically attempted hammering away at some mochi, a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice that’s pounded into a paste. After that we rewarded our “hard work” with some festival food and sunshine. Gorgeous day!

2 November 2011

eb + am

I am in loooove! The object of my affection is eb + am, a fashion label by South African designer Cindy Leigh Armstrong. First I’ll let some of my favourites from her new Spring/Summer collection do the talking, and then let’s get to know the designer...

I met Cindy during my visit home in May this year, and quickly snatched up a few garments from her previous range. Her garments feel fresh and comfortable, her styling is clean, and the quality is great. Most importantly they felt slimming and slightly artsy, two clothing attributes I can’t refuse.

Cindy finished her diploma in fashion design at Design Academy of Fashion in 2009 and went on to launch her label, eb + am, in November 2010. She went on to participate in AND WIN The 031 Collection in Durban in 2011. You can find eb + am garments at various South African stores:

“Coast” in Ballito Lifestyle Centre
“Mooi” in Durban (the corner of Bulwer and Clark Road)
“Mememe” in Parkhurst (6th Avenue, Johannesburg)
“Mememe” on Long Street in CapeTown
“Pure” on Victoria road Pietermaritzburg

You can also purchase online at the lollyloves online clothing store, or contact the designer via email at eb.and.am@gmail.com. Keep a look out for eb + am’s very own website…coming soon!

Happy shopping friends! Xoxo