27 April 2011

Cooking with Kaori

So while my friends back home were shaming my face at Splashy Fen on Saturday (classic!), I was having a much more dignified day in Kaori’s kitchen.  The four of us went over to her house to learn how to make Poulet a la Marengo and chocolate cake. What a gracious host! All I can say is I’m glad I wore my stretchy pants… 

Between lazy slumbers on Sunday I managed to do a little fabric shopping and started sewing up a glorified rectangle dress:  

The rest of my week has dutifully been committed to daydreaming about my two week visit home! Tomorrow is jetset day!!  South Africa here I come xx

24 April 2011

One night in Nara

During mid-April I was lucky enough to share a weekend in Nara with some familiar faces from home. These pictures don’t really include any of Nara’s major sites, but I think this is the Nara I’ll remember… Ps. don’t be fooled by the innocent look in that deer’s eyes!! They’re all in desperate need of an intervention for Japanese cracker addiction.

21 April 2011

I got me a street shot thrill on my birthday

A lovely day spent wondering around Hiroshima city where Japanese girls all seemed to venture out in pairs. We stopped, they said I was kawaii, I said they were kawaii too. We took pictures, giggled and went our separate ways x3.

18 April 2011

It was a very happy birthday indeed

Icecream cake, Chocolate cake, tiramisu and Konbini cheese cake …have a cake hangover today to say the least! Saturday was filled with fabric shopping, vintage rummaging and calls from home. We ate shawarmas for dinner at Molly’s Med Cafe, shivered through our drinks by the river, drank champagne somewhere cosy and danced somewhere fun.  After wondering the spring chilled streets until the early, early morning we finally found refuge at a cosy tapas and wine bar where the owner tempted us with onion tart and an oozing raclette.  I’m glad my friends here are as obsessed with food as I am, because Sunday’s brunch at a bistro cafĂ© and a peruse around Anderson’s bakery made me a very happy birthday girl indeed. 

12 April 2011

I got me a street shot thrill in Matsunaga

I’ve discovered stalked my very own rare bird of fashion in a tiny town called Matsunaga, Hiroshima. We wait at the bus stop together every Friday morning, and every week she’s wearing the same carefully formulated fashion silhouette.  So finally, in very embarrassing Japanese (involves a lot of pointing and single word use) I asked if I could take her picture. “Me?” she said, “Yes, you look lovely” I replied. And how perfectly has she posed herself! So cheeky, I love it! 

8 April 2011


Hi there!

Irasshaimase!!” is what every store clerk in Japan screams at potential/already in store customers.  Sometimes I’m not quite sure if the intent is to welcome or to scare the living daylights out of, but strangely enough, it’s something I’m going to miss when I one day leave this intriguing country. So, I welcome you to Trixie + Flo (in cat ears yo!), a blog about fashion, finds, jaunts and me.