29 February 2012

Pleats please

  Vintage pleated skirt (a new addition to the blogshop). Second hand wrestling vest. Uniqlo heat tech shirt. Mr Price shoes. Handmade earrings.

Happy Wednesday xoxo

28 February 2012

Look into my eeeyyyyeeeesss....aaand shop

1:30am seems as good a time as any to open up shop! Sleeplessness may as well be productive… 

18 February 2012

Memories from home

Sunshine, green grass, Rocky the lab, and a dress from Forever 21

15 February 2012

Coming soon

  Vintage fashion, quirky used clothing, hand made accessories and chunky winter warmers
Trixie + Flo online blog store coming soon! Are you excited?? I am!

6 February 2012

Treasure hunt in Japan leads girl to a red cape surprise

 I wanted to start showing you some of the gems I’ve collected during the past year and a half. Used/vintage clothing in Japan is pricey by South African standards, but then again, most things are. You’re usually paying for better quality, but no matter the price, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly check a used garment before you purchase it. I prefer shopping at second hand stores in bigger Japanese cities where the clothing is actual vintage or just outright crazy. This little red cape was a perfect addition to my early winter wardrobe, and I literally did a little happy dance when I got home and realised it was reversible.