29 June 2011

This time last year ...

I was sewing, sewing, sewing.  I have a love-hate relationship with sewing. Imagine pulling endless all nighters, stress to meet deadlines, things never working as planned, sewing machine deciding it hates me last minute (It happens every time!). But these days I find myself missing the creative challenges that come hand in hand with looming deadlines, and the reward of creating something that I’m truly proud of. I made this matric dance (that’s South African for prom) dress last year for a young lady that had exquisite taste, note that it’s 100% ombre silk satin (loooove!!). Looking back at many a sleepless night it makes me realise that this is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time. I’d compare it to having a baby (not that I’ve ever had a baby), but you kind of forget about all the pain that went into it when you see the final result. Yes I just said that, sewing is like having a baby!! I’m going to stop now! Hope you’re all having a great week xoxo

23 June 2011

Chuo Shinrin Park

Have you ever lived somewhere and discovered a place that you couldn’t believe you’d never been to before? For me, this place is Chuo Shinrin Kouen, the park surrounding Hiroshima Airport. Just a thirty minute bus ride from Mihara Train Station separates me from one of my new favourite places. I’m going to get all “lonely planet” on you and tell you to head to the main office and ask for a map to the Sankeien Gardens. It’s the only part I managed to get to: Chuo Shinrin covers a maasssive area and it’s covered with bicycle routes and hiking trails if you’re keen to spend the whole day there. Entrance for the Sankeien Garden is just 300yen, definitely well worth it! I threw on another shortened granny dress and some unfashionably filthy slops/flip flops/ thongs for the day trip… here comes summer!!

21 June 2011

Dear Mihara

Dear Mihara

I’m sorry we always put you down. But let’s be honest, your neighbours Onomichi and Fukuyama have always outshone you. Up until now all you've been famous for is octopus and the Shinkansen track! Now will you please open more restaurants like Pia Cere so we can finally start bragging about you.

Yours truly,
Trixie and Flo

18 June 2011

Sasha Pivovarova

I’m not too sure this drawing does her justice! Oh well, a girl can try. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend xoxo

14 June 2011

Fukuoka City

This post will have to be all about visual appreciation because I have no idea what the name of this place is, or even where it is! Not very informative I’m afraid, but the place was pretty, and it did offer great refuge on a very rainy Saturday afternoon. So I’ve narrowed it down to somewhere in Fukuoka city… I think I’m more likely to find my way if you spun me around inside the restaurant and pushed me out the door, than if I relied on my keen sense of direction. They invented GPS for people like me.

Anyways, Fukuoka city is fantastically fun. It boasts great fashion, fun night clubs, tasty international (Mexican!) and Japanese food. Note: always trust a Japanese queue! Even if it means a thirty minute wait. It may just lead you to the best ramen you’ve ever had. Also If you get the chance, head down to Abercrombie and Fitch, preferably just before a night out. There’s a queue to get in, the shop assistants models are gorgeous, the lights are dimmed and the music blares, you’ll think you’re at Fukuoka's best pre-party and may wonder what all those clothes are doing there. 

12 June 2011

Pattern Magic

Pattern magic is a book for anyone interested in dappling in sculptural Japanese fashion and pushing the boundaries of creative and advanced pattern drafting. I bought the first of the three volume series a few months ago and have managed to finish the pattern of one of the garments, but am yet to attempt the daunting task of stitching it together (I’ll have to show you when it’s done). The book is by Tomoko Nakamichi, and it didn’t surprise me to find out that she was a long time professor at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, one of the world’s leading fashion study institutions.

The book is printed in Japanese, but is easy enough to follow if you have a background in flat pattern drafting and dart manipulation. As far as I know there is also an English version of the book available at Amazon. Hope you’re all as inspired as I am.

8 June 2011

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima city was pure bustle this past weekend with the baseball game and Toukasan festival drawing people in from all over the prefecture.  City buzz is always fun, but it meant too few street fashion pictures for me.  Crowds of red and white clad supporters and pretty girls (and boys) wearing their traditional yukatas hid most of the the trendy and the crazy. We did however enjoy a copious amount of food (again!), drinks and a spontaneous late night karaoke session. We started with Okonomiyake (Hiroshima’s famous dish) and moved on to Molly’s med for shwarmas and falafels long after margaritas in the park. We also managed to escape to Chanoma, a restaurant layed completely with mattresses! It has a fabulously relaxed atmosphere, great loungy music and cute cocktails to boot. Does it sound strange that places like this make me really glad I’m staying in Japan for another year? On Sunday we enjoyed a light snack at Zucchini and a bit of browsing at Zara, before getting on the reality train that very abruptly sent me back into a new work week…

Thanks to Marty for the first pic, and Emily (check out her blog here) for the second and third xox

3 June 2011

Cupcakes and Evening Scapes

I hope these pictures make you feel as dreamy as they make me feel! And who doesn’t want to dream of cupcakes?! I baked those up about two weeks ago for the “Let’s Film Festival”, a film festival held annually in the little magical town of Onomichi.  This past film fest managed to raise about 60 000 yen which was donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help the earthquake and tsunami victims up North.

The other pictures were taken this evening actually. I’ve valued evening bike rides and walks as a time to explore my town and enjoy good weather. Hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll be in the city for this one, so hopefully that means good fun and good fashion!