18 November 2011

Daiwa, Old people and Real Meat

Daiwa is such a beautiful area in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.  One of Marty’s high schools was taking part in a festival that had the oldies out in droves. I loooove old people in Japan: A) They play croquet B) They’re so cheeky, and they’re not shy of physical contact: yes I got me some granny hugs woohoo! Highlight of my year: witnessing a crowd of oldies (all over 80) watching a Japanese rock band play Linkin park. A couple got up and left but the others all just sat there apathetically as if it were a classical music concert. It was a memorable and possible one of those “had to be there” moments. We also pathetically attempted hammering away at some mochi, a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice that’s pounded into a paste. After that we rewarded our “hard work” with some festival food and sunshine. Gorgeous day!

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