24 May 2011

Where am I?

If you want to be greeted by name, and enjoy some ridiculously fantastic pizza, then make your way to Fandangos, the cutest little Italian restaurant in Onomichi, Hiroshima. I was sitting there on Friday night for Gillian’s belated birthday celebrations when I had one of those mind vs. location moments. It didn’t feel like I was in Japan at all, I really could have been in any country at that very moment. I was eating perfectly prepared Italian pizza and enjoying the company of nine different nationalities: Irish, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, British, New Zealand(er?), Jamaican, American and South African! I’m really grateful for those little escapist moments, when I can just relax and enjoy good food and catch ups with good friends.

PS. I’m donning a little second hand granny dress that I managed to shorten and then squeeze into my suitcase from home. And thanks to Emily for being my personal paparazzi when I need an outfit shot! I’ll link to her beautiful blog as soon as she starts one ;) PSS. Apparently smiling and keeping my eyes open is some sort of impossibility… I’ll be waking up an extra half an hour earlier every morning just to practise (not!).    


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