6 April 2012

Hot cross buns!!!

That just happened! I'm so excited I had to post this immediately. Yes, I'm at home at 10pm on a Friday night baking, but I'm smiling from ear to ear. My friend mentioned hot cross buns the other day and the craving got me and I just HAD to try. We can’t buy them in Japan so homemade is officially the new “Woolworths”. I used this recipe (thanks Sarah!), and have (of course) already sampled the final product…only thing I’d change is to add more spices. It may have been because I had to make my own mixed spice concoction. I used a teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkling of nutmeg and ginger but they definitely need more. I also left out the peel because peel just doesn’t rock my boat, sorry peel.  My little toaster oven is such a trooper, it’s so tiny I could only bake three at a time! If you’re in Japan and want to try baking them in a toaster oven, cover the top with tinfoil for the first 10 minutes and then let them brown for the last five…else they’ll burn ya’hear. Happy baking, and Happy Easter everyone xoxo.

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