12 August 2011

Just your average day in Harajuku

Not only is Harajuku Tokyo’s number one shopping district, it’s also one of my favourite places in Japan to just people watch (A bit of a snobby comment for someone that's only been there twice, oh well!). Where else in the world would you see a man wearing fishbowl earrings and a Jack Sparrow lookalike dog all in one day? Harajuku exhibits the weird n wacky, the beautiful and the just plain gaudy in an overt yet very timid way. The few people I experienced were dressed in some of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen, yet they were extremely shy and seemed to avoid attention at all costs. I wonder if tourists taking photographs make these young girls feel more like freak shows than fashion inspirations? I find myself feeling a bit ignorant and more and more curious about the reasons behind their fashion choices. Time for some research I reckon!

PS. A noteworthy end to the day may have included something along the lines of a deep fried pizza...oissshhiii yo! 

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