27 April 2011

Cooking with Kaori

So while my friends back home were shaming my face at Splashy Fen on Saturday (classic!), I was having a much more dignified day in Kaori’s kitchen.  The four of us went over to her house to learn how to make Poulet a la Marengo and chocolate cake. What a gracious host! All I can say is I’m glad I wore my stretchy pants… 

Between lazy slumbers on Sunday I managed to do a little fabric shopping and started sewing up a glorified rectangle dress:  

The rest of my week has dutifully been committed to daydreaming about my two week visit home! Tomorrow is jetset day!!  South Africa here I come xx

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  1. Laurelle just had a little noisy around, beautiful blog, hope your well, Hannah (Aomori) xxx